The Adventure Begins!

NIck Simonson, Big Buck Book Lead Writer

Welcome one and all to the Big Buck Book, a publication about North Dakota deer hunters for North Dakota deer hunters! 

We are wrapping up the selection process of nearly three dozen incredible fair chase hunting stories from some of the most amazing hunters I have had the chance to interview in my 20-year career as an outdoors journalist.  In addition to the entertainment and education you’re likely to get from each one of them, I hope you will be inspired this season to make every hunt a great one and to seek out all of the adventure that runs deep within the tradition that is as much a part of this state as its rolling fields and rugged badlands.

On top of last year’s great hunting stories, we’re working on assembling all the information you’ll need to get the most out of every hunt this autumn. From trailcam selection to stand placement to the dates you NEED to be in the field, we’ll have a season preview that will set you up for your best chances of success wherever you hunt in the Roughrider State.

We are working hard to put out a publication that every hunter in North Dakota can call their own and would be proud to display on their coffee table, in a den magazine pile or atop the tank on the deer camp toilet.  Wherever it ends up, we’re hoping the stories and suggestions stick with you in the field and provide you with an added nugget of wisdom to rely on in the moment of truth when you go to full draw or take aim at a buck entering range. 

On behalf of the hardworking staff, thank you for visiting the Big Buck Book website! Please bookmark it and like our Facebook page for weekly updates on the project, publication information and when you can order your copy! 

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